T-day countdown  

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11/23/2005 2:03 pm

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T-day countdown

General happy Turkey Day greetings to anyone who actually cares about the T-day greetings.

Nothing much going on around here, entertaining or otherwise. Preperations for the mass face-stuffing of tomorrow have commenced. We're not doing turkey this year, but ruladin. Probably spelled wrong. German recipe involving thin beef wrapped around a pickle and cooked in a tasty tasty gravy. Much better than it sounds, I look forward to developing stretch marks on my tummy just prior to having my stomach wall rupture. That and lots of spaetzle (noodley thing, also damn tasty. German gnocci, more or less) and dessert type things will make for an obscenely well-stuffed me. Just to keep to tradition, I may have to make a pan of stuffing and (insofar as you can 'make' it) a can of that cranberry sauce that stays all can-shaped. Yum. There are standards to be upheld here, after all.

Silly idea of the day: LARPing Ebola Monkey Hunt (3rd Edition). Somebody at the con mentioned seeing Devil Bunny Needs a Ham, another fine Cheapass game, succesfully LARPed1 at another convention. So it struck me that one of my all time favorite silly little board games could quite easily be transformed into a live-action game given enough floor space and at least 3 people demented enough to play. It's gonna need to involve a supply order from American Science and Surplus (paper coveralls to serve as 'containment suits' ), some odds and ends from the hardware store, and a small but impressive menagerie of sock monkeys in costume. All so I can get a bunch of people to run around clutching dart guns and sock monkeys while taking many many many blackmail pictures.

Again, happy T-day, happy Diwali to those who celebrate it (I'm late, deal with it), and happy any-other-holidays-that-fall-in-this-genral-period to anybody who celebrates them.

Mood Music: One of the livelier Bach pieces. Your choice.

Rules for happy living #1283: Never use the phrase "I've got a little captain in me" when it is common knowledge there's little person in a pirate costume passed out in your hotel room.

1. 'LARP' stands for Live Action Role Playing. These are the people dungeons and dragons players look down upon, for the chain of derision must continue somewhere (It's generally assumed the insistence on props belies a poor ability to imagine things, with matching lack of intellect. It's what happens when people who can't amuse themselves want to play D&D. ). Think of people in costumes, usually not very well done costumes, running around with weapons made of foam and duct tape. Playing pretend. Falls into the same class as a moped - fun to ride, but you probably don't want your friends to find out. FOr those of you who Fark too much, this is where the infamous "Thunderbolt! Thunderbolt! Thunderbolt!" video comes from.

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