Random jobbiness, redux  

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10/9/2005 3:46 am

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Random jobbiness, redux

I thought I posted most of this, but apparently I didn't. Yay skill! So here we go again.

Okay, so I didn't get the job. The woman who's been there 8 months got it, due to seniority. The woman who is death on the zip sorters (she runs one, it dies) is going to be left alone with an inserter, an altogether more formidable beast. I fear for anybody in range of the shrapnel. That said, I knew I was low man on the totem pole going into it (only been there a month and a half), so no hard feelings. Good news is there's a second shift position opening up, and I get to interview for it next week sometime.

A couple of coworkers have taken to calling the new girl 'the troll'. She is pretty freaky, mostly due to the overpowering scent of cheap perfume and the apparent brain damage. I mean really really damaged. I refer to my job as performable by a poorly trained and subsequently lobotomized monkey, but we have met the monkey, and she has managed to screw it up. So anywho, when they said 'troll', the first thing that popped into my mind was her with a pencil stuck up her butt being twirled like a troll pencil topper. Her hideously died black/red hair only lent credence to the brain-blistering horror of it all. I still shudder and wet myself a day afterwards as the darkness sends tendrils into my noggin.

The realization of how low my life has sunk just hit me: trying to stay awake on my night off so my sleep schedule doesn't get messed up, I just watched "Dungeons and Dragons 2" on SciFi. Really fucking bad. Bad^2. At the risk of never getting laid by anybody who has read my blog (this doesn't actually diminish my chances that much, methinks), I do play D&D, and any DM who came up with that poor a plot and such a convenient story arc deserves a swift kick in the behind. That and I've seen munchkins roleplay better than the so-called 'actors'. For those of you that don't play, just let the jargon bits wash over your brain as your eyes glaze. But think about the roleplaying in the bedroom capable by somebody who makes roleplaying itself a hobby. Although it'll probably break the willing suspension of disbelief the first time I roll dice on your ass. I'm willing to accept that.

Further realization of how low I've sunken: while post-wretched-movie-surfing, I've gone 'round the horn' on meetme at HotorNot. I'm seeing the same sequence of women showing up, and it frightens me to think I sank that much time into it in one night.

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