MEPACon Report  

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11/21/2005 4:27 am

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MEPACon Report

Frickin awesome. I got to geek out for three consecutive days, and I had access to a bathtub that didn't start out ice cold. Forgot to eat, forgot to sleep, just gamed pretty much gamed continuously. Although I managed to maintain some semblance of personal hygiene.

Things I got in on (not like any of you care):
Ninjaburger - we deliver in thirty minutes ore we commit seppuku
Strange Synergy - randomized superpowered capture the flag
Gloom - make people miserable, and then kill them off
Star Wars miniatures - Not only a surprisingly solid game, but I WON! yay!
Battletech - Stompy stompy in big mecha. Got my head blown off, just when everyone was running scared.
Carcassone - tile-based game of urban development in middle ages france. Way more fun than it sounds.
Call of Cthulu ccg - thrid place in tournament. A deck I gave up for dead did well in the hands of a newbie.

Actually got prizes! Wasn't expecting it, but I walked away with an ultra-rare star wars minifig, a couple of cheapass games (Cheapass rocks! 5 bucks for a complete game? I'm in love), and an expansion for Chez Geek. Now all I need is the abse game.

For those who are assuming there was perverted, geektastic sex a-going on, sorry. All the girls at the tables were attached, and I had remarkably few run ins with the LARPers. And all the really cute thangs were LARPing. Dammit. Next time I swallow my pride, take my kilts, and run around like an idiot w/ a foam sword.

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