In need of landscaping  

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10/19/2005 5:20 am

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In need of landscaping

The milfalicious coworker has not been seen in two days. The scenery around the jobsite just hasn't been as nice as usual. The only thing making life worth living at the moment is my new (to me) Tepper novel.

For the videogamers / Tim Burton fans: I just rented the new Nightmare Before Christmas video game for PS2. Don't waste the 5 bucks.

Appearance - pretty good, very loyal to the movie. The only real brightspot.

Gameplay - Bleah. Button mashing favoring, weak jump mechanics, insanely easy to misaim autoaim. Oh yeah, the camera jumps around alot too. Nothing like a little nausea to go along with the ten-thousandth button mangle. The in-game map is only saved by the little Jack stickpin that shows up, but it's still a pain in the ass to figure out which way to go once you get away from the major landmarks.

Sound design - my single biggest upsetedness. Hearing the "This is Halloween" song for the fiftieth time whilst button mashing another generic enemy into oblivion made me want to gouge my ears out with a rusty spork.

Rating: Ranging from "inny" to "Ron Jeremy" - I give it a "drooping 4-incher"

If you really want something that feels Burtony and lets you drool at a monitor whilst fondling your joystick, go rent Psychonauts. I kept expecting to see Burton listed in the credits, not to mention the lead character is voiced by the same guy that does Invader Zim.

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