Day of bad driviness  

regimental_kilt 39M
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11/1/2005 5:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Day of bad driviness

I take a highway home from work. Funtimes, since my leaving work coincides with everyone else trying to get to work, which means lots of people that can't operate on ramps. Fun to get into stop-and-go-65 traffic in the left hand lane as a result. Especially when the guy riding your ass is out of it enough to be incapable of turning his left blinker off (for something like the ten miles he was behind me). Makes me really worry about braking too quick.

To top it off, I saw two dead raccoons on the same short stretch of road. This greatly saddens me, as raccoons are on my "whosa cutesy wutesy liddle boogums" list. Always wanted one as a pet, despite the need to childproof the house and deal with it getting cranky in its old age. Much like living with a smaller, furrier version of me. And the universe threw a small child in front of my car while I was making a turn on thursday. This motorized transport thing just isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Tried a search on another singles site, which shall remain nameless to avert the wrath of the moderators. Usual results, usual lackluster english and caps-lock skills. Then I told it I was a lesbian. The difference was downright astounding. Not only did the women start getting cuter, while losing that "this months cosmo" makeup regimen 1, but the grammar improved. I may have to attempt to get a research grant to explore the connection between 'alternate' sexual preferences and improved english skills.

To steal an idea from frogger1995:
Things to be happy about:
non-squisheded raccoons
meillard reactions

1. I hate that. Wear your own face, ladies. For those of you who have read Stranger In A Strange Land, I sympathize with Mike when he thinks that all the young women are alike, with no character to their faces. They're much better when they've had a little time to age and get some personality, and then they go and spackle 'em over. Silly.

frogger1995 39F

11/2/2005 6:58 pm

Lesbians always come out on top (no pun intended). I'll have to add non-squished racoons to my list next time.

regimental_kilt 39M
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11/3/2005 5:34 am

Putting myself in full pervert mode, and given any position where someone is 'on top', your statement is a tautology when applied to any couple (or group) of lesbians.

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