redwolf459 57M
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4/19/2006 5:48 am

Hi all,
This is something I wrote awhile back for a friend. At the time I wrote this I was "pissed", because there was nothing I could do. I now send it out to blog-land to someone who may become a friend. No one has the right to "feel big", by making someone else feel small.
I hope your day is Great


He has no dignity,
to suppress a spirit, such as yours that has no desire to be at his side;
Using manipulation, threats, guilt and your pride.
It is an unconscionable act; Without honor.

It angers me and hurts me to see,
One so fair, filled with self-imposed despair.

In all things since first we met;
you have acted with Honor,
you should have No regrets.

You need to know that you do yourself,
and your family proud.
Please raise your head,
Acknowledge your own worth inside.

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