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9/6/2006 8:25 pm

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Back off Bitch

Well known Australian Acadamic (Bitch Face)Germaine Greer as insulted the Australian people by calling them idiots.

In interview with A Current Affair Ms Greer spoke of Steve Irwin........"I find the whole Steve Irwin phenomenon (embarrassing) – and I'm not the only person who did," Ms Greer said.

But when pushed, she was unable to name anyone who had publicly agreed with her.(Bitch Face)she did not understand Australians' sense of loss for Mr Irwin, who had exploited animals by telling the world how dangerous they were and then treating them with disrespect.

She likened Mr Irwin to a lion tamer.

"He was making entertainment out of animals, except he used crocodiles instead of lions."

(Bitch Face)Ms Greer said she hoped the death of Mr Irwin would be the end of "that kind" of nature program.

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9/7/2006 7:38 pm

Reading what BF said made my blood boil. What the hell is she talking about? Steve Irwin never made a snake jump through a hoop or wrestle a tutu onto an alligator. I never felt his was ever disrespectful ever. What he was doing was an extreme version of show and tell.

You can bet that when Ms Greer passes on, no one outside of academia will be particularly interested. That's why probably why she's so pissed off.

Steve Irwin lived his life joyfully and clearly loved sharing his life's work with the masses.

What a sad loss. I know I'm going to miss his exploits.

BF deserves a swift kick in the ass for not only being insulting, but being insensitive to his family.

((hops off of soapbox))

redrobin012057 60F

9/7/2006 11:17 pm

You know what I think.... she is just a bitch that should keep her nasty friggen comments to herself.The man isn't even buried yet... Can you imagine what his wife and his father thought of her outrageous remarks.Thats bloody cruel if you ask me,she had no right - no bloody right at all. if you google BF'S NAME ON GOOGLE you can read all about BF.

The family will hold a memorial for Steve, and they will have a private ceremony for the funeral.I just feel over whelming sadness every time I read it or see it on TV.

Thanks for commentingDCEbony

Jayferjoan 51F

9/15/2006 12:04 am

Die, you crap hole piece of gutter shit..thats all I have to say to Germaine..(sorry if that seems a tad harsh..but i hate the woman)


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