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5/8/2006 7:01 pm

Unidentified flying Objects have fascinated us all for many decades, are they real? Do they have a sinister purpose? Do their occupants come from one star system far away or from many? Do they abduct unwilling people?

Facts you may not know about the Unidentified Flying Object phenomena.

Amongst the first UFO's seen widely, were those investigated in Scandinavia in the 1930's. These strange multi-engined craft, known as ghost fliers, were able to fly through severe blizzards in remote areas, without refueling. They targeted military bases and ships. Despite numerous investigations by Sweden and Norway, no explanation has ever been found for these strange aircraft.

In 1930 the mysterious disappearance of a large tribe of Eskimos, at Lake Anjikuni, Canada, caused a local sensation. Over 1200 people mysteriously disappeared, after a strange craft was seen in the skies. They had left their rifles, their dogs, food and clothing behind. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have never discovered what happened to these people and the case is still open.

Unofficially many American pilots encountered "foo fighters", mysterious, fast moving aircraft, in the skies, during the Second World War. They were dismissed as secret, experimental war aircraft, designed by the Japanese or Germans. However, no such aircraft were claimed by these two countries, after the war.

The first American pilot to officially make a UFO sighting was Kenneth Arnold in June 1947. He reported seeing nine crescent shaped objects over Mt. Rainier in Washington State, USA. travelling at a speed of 1,700 miles per hour. The fastest planes at that time, travelled at half that speed. Authorities at the time dismissed the sighting as hailstones!

The most famous UFO incident occurred at Roswell, New Mexico in June, 1947 when the airforce released the statement that a UFO had crashed in the fields of a local ranch. Later the statement was retracted and the alien craft was demoted to a weather balloon and still later a spy balloon. However, many Airforce and Army personnel have come forward since, to describe the alien figures ( Greys) found at the crash site and how they were moved to the mysterious Hanger 51. Nurses who worked on the bodies, have mysteriously died. Wreckage from the site, souvenired by spectators, often surfaces, then disappears and secret alien autopsy films are rife. Whatever the truth of Roswell, it has caught the imagination of the public, who refuse to let the incident die.

In July, 1952 numerous UFO's were sighted over the White House and the Capitol, Washington in the USA. Eight fast moving objects were followed on civilian and air force radar. Strange orange lights were seen in the skies on a number of occasions. Interceptors were sent out from a nearby air force base but as they honed in on the UFO's they mysteriously vanished, then reappeared when the jets passed.

What are your thoughts?

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