retirement planning  

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1/24/2006 2:44 pm

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retirement planning

My stock retirement accounts are with Charles Schwab which like most forms has a retirement planner. You stick in numbers on how much you have, how many years of work before retiring, how much you make after retiring and how long you live and they tell you if you have enough or have to start saving more. Of course this calculation is based on many assumptions on return, income, longevity, etc.

The obvious point is the more the merrier the retirement. It is easiest if you work longer and die sooner after retiring. I have more than enough if I never stop working and earning!

One recent story about a guy who retired at age 70 had a strong moral. He thought he would die at 83 or so. Instead he lived to be over 100! And regretted giving away money to charities when he was in his eighties. So leave it to them in you will or trust, as you may live longer than you think!

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