a hetero male who supports same-sex marriage  

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a hetero male who supports same-sex marriage

I think same sex couples should have the same basic civil right to marry as hetero couples. I know one gay male couple who has been together for twenty years, far longer than their siblings' straight marriages! They pay taxes and form a stable couple. The legal structures should support such stable unions.

Besides gays should have to pay higher taxes for the privilege of being married too. And have the same social security benefits, adoption rights, hospital visitation privileges, intestate succession rights, etc. California civil unions do not grant federal pension or tax benefits!

Many Canadian provinces, their states, allow same-sex marriage:

As of February 2005, seven of the ten provinces and one of the three territories in Canada recognize same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage has been legal in:

* Ontario, from June 10, 2003;
* British Columbia, from July 8, 2003;
* Quebec, from March 19, 2004;
* Yukon Territory, from July 14, 2004;
* Manitoba from September 16, 2004
* Nova Scotia, from September 24, 2004;
* Saskatchewan, from November 5, 2004; and,
* Newfoundland and Labrador, from December 21, 2004.

In each of these provinces, and the Yukon Territory, same-sex marriage was legalized as a result of court cases in which provincial/terriorial courts deemed any ban on same-sex marriage to be unconstitutional.

Same-sex marriage is not legal in:

* Alberta;
* New Brunswick;
* Prince Edward Island;
* Nunavut (althought the territory does recognize same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions); and,
* The Northwest Territories.

In Europe, Netherlands and Belgium permit same-sex marriage, and they still survive:

As of February 2005, the Netherlands and Belgium are the only western countries to have legalized same-sex marriage nation-wide. Since 2003, same-sex marriages have been legally performed in most Canadian provinces and territories. However, Canada won’t become the third western country to allow same-sex marriage nation-wide until the Civil Marriage Act is passed sometime in the spring of 2005.

Several countries have passed ‘civil union’ and ‘partnership’ laws providing same-sex couples with some of the rights and benefits enjoyed by married heterosexual couples. However, these laws do not give same-sex couples the equivalent status that married heterosexual couples enjoy. (For example, Denmark’s partnership law does not permit same-sex couples to adopt children that do not belong to one of the partners.) Additionally, when a couple is legally married in one country, that marriage is legally valid and recognized by other countries. This is not the case with legislation regarding same-sex unions. In the United States, where marriage is a state (and not a federal) responsibility, couples obtaining a civil union under state law do not enjoy the same rights and benefits that apply to married couples under federal law.

Examples of legislation regarding same-sex couples in Europe

* European Parliament: In March 2000, the European Parliament passes a motion calling on all European Union countries to pass legislation recognizing same-sex unions.
* Netherlands : The Netherlands is the first country to recognize same-sex marriage nation-wide, with ‘registered partnerships’ introduced in 1996. These partnerships are open to same-sex as well heterosexual couples, and involved the same rights and duties as marriage. In 2001, the institution of marriage itself is expanded to include same-sex couples, as well as the right for same-sex couples to adopt children.
* Belgium : In 2003, Belgium becomes the second country to recognize same-sex marriage nation-wide. However, parental rights are not extended to same-sex couples. For example, same-sex couples are still prohibited from adopting.
* Denmark : In October 1989, Denmark passes a law recognizing registered partnerships. The law is amended in 1999 to allow couples in a registered partnership to adopt each other’s children. Since 1999, couples entering a registered partnership have been able to have their ceremony conducted in the state Danish Lutheran Church. Couples in a registered partnership may be required to pay alimony if they choose to terminate the partnership.
* Germany : In 2001, Germany passes a law recognizing registered partnerships. The final version of the legislation that is enacted is ‘watered down,’ removing certain tax benefits (normally given to married partners) that were included in the original bill.
* Other European Countries : Countries such as France, Britain, Sweden, Finland, and Portugal have recognized some form of same-sex partnership or union, with many rights similar to those of marriage. However, as of February 2005, none of these countries has granted same-sex couples access to the institution of marriage.

Why not allow same-sex couples this basic right?
The Old Testament disapproved, but the Bible permits slavery, death for adultery and bans eating pork and shellfish like lobster. Why let the views of 1000 BC control modern civilization?
The Bible was against birth control, Onan spilling his seed. Not useful today. Biblical theory opposed to masturbation makes people guilty about a harmless and helpful practice!

Besides if gay men get married that is less competition for the ever short supply of hot women for the hetero guys! [kidding] How does the fact that others are having a different type of sex than I prefer threaten me or society? Will straight men and women stop being straight if they can have a gay marriage? Gay men are about 10% and this number will not change. Do we want to force gay men who want to marry to marry women? So they can be unhappy together? Why? We allow sterilized women and men marry and old infertile men and women marry so we do not require procreation for marriage. We let convicted felons, even those on death row, marry. We let sado-masochistics marry. We let child molesters marry. Why can't we let decent, law abiding, tax paying gay people marry? I do not get it!

Besides not all marriages are happy, so if we want to punish gays for not being hetero, we should allow them to marry so they can be unhappy too!

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