Why this married guy cheats  

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6/23/2005 8:36 am

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Why this married guy cheats

I got tremendous negative feedback from AdultFriendFinder Bootcamp 101 when I stated my views. Many find infidelity unacceptable. I understand. I am not proud, just trying to be honest.

I do not claim to be a saint, nor do I seek to be. Just another human trying to enjoy life.

I don't feel particularly guilty about cheating.

I got married quite young at age 20. Meet my wife in college. Probably should have waited longer, but I loved her, liked her and we were very compatible. We still are decades later. She is a lovely woman, great mother, good cook, good and decent person. We have one grown child who lives back East.

Sadly she is inhibited about sex and has a much lower sex drive than me. She refuses oral (giving or receiving), anal, more than three positions, etc. She does not like to kiss, have her breasts sucked, etc. So I reluctantly concluded I am not willing to stay in a sexual straight jacket because she is. Consuling and talk does not change a person's basic outlook. She likes sex once a week, and I like it twice a day. Because she is not hungry I have to starve?

The moral of the story is do not take your mate for granted, do not frustrate their desires, do not fail to give satisfaction, or someone else will eventually.

In more than two decades of marriage I have been faithful 95% of the time, so I figure I have earned some time off for good behavior!

Generally I do not date single people. I have seen only those married women equally neglected at home. So married ladies in need, lets rediscover the joy of sex!

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