Why guys pee standing up....  

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5/1/2006 11:23 am

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Why guys pee standing up....

A repeat of one of my earlier blogs for those who missed this "golden" oldie...

A lady blogger asked why guys urinate standing up when it is easy to sit and relax to go like women do. Good question! Here are some answers:

1. As Sir Edmund Hilary said when asked why he climbed Mt. Everest, "because it is there!" In peeing terms, because men can stand without making a mess, so we do!

2. To practice our markmanship in case we need to sign our names in the snow. (Don't eat yellow snow!)

3. So we can be sure to lift the toilet seat, leaving it up, and piss off women who think they have a God given right to a toilet seat ready for their asses to sit on.

4. Because we like to make a big noise or splash when peeing, and it sounds louder when pee hits the water from a greater height!

5. Because we want to make sure nothing climbs up out of the toilet to grab us or attack our privates while we pee; we can eyeball the area from a safe distance by standing.

6. Because girls sit when they pee and we are not girls.

7. In case any area near the toilet suddenly catches fire we are prepared to put it out with a personal fire hose.

8. Because it is more fun to wave our magic wands around in the air rather than being cramped on the toilet.

9. Because a semi-erect penis can shoot pee between the bowl and the seat while sitting down, making a mess on the floor and wetting the pants. (It has happened!) Also the pants can get dirty on the usually filthy floor.

10. Standing allows men to use urinals or troughs and get out faster at shows. Notice the long lines for women and faster male turnover for peeing at movies and concerts, ballgames, etc.

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