Why I used to scuba dive, not done so for years  

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8/12/2005 1:26 pm

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Why I used to scuba dive, not done so for years

I got certified for scuba diving just before college in the days of primitive J valves. For those who do not know, that device is like a reserve part of your tank; when you run out of air, you pull the lever and have five minutes left. Time to surface! Now the equipment is much more sophisticated and expensive.

Years later I got recertified at Club Med and found they were still using the J valve! Funny.

I stopped diving because I found the hassle and expense not worth it for a short thirty minutes under water. With one tank a day you are pretty much guaranteed not to get the bends. a nasty thing to avoid.

When I was in Australia a few years ago we snorkled at the famous Codhole on the Great Barrier reef. The fish and coral were clear to see some twenty feet down. Fabulous adventure. Much less hassle snorkeling than scuba and just as much fun to me.

In life it is a cost/benefit analysis; how much bang for the buck. In relationships too!

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