Why I stopped motorcycle riding  

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8/12/2005 1:18 pm

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Why I stopped motorcycle riding

I rode motorscooters and motorcycles for over twenty years before I decided to stop. My last bike was a 1983 Suzuki 1100E which was scary fast. I only rode it about 3,000 miles before deciding to quit. They now have even more amazing sport bikes out. My brother decided to get a ten second quarter mile bike, the Yamaha R1, which weighs 400 pounds and has 180 HP! It will go 200 MPH if you have the nerve to do so. He is now selling it after deciding it is too much. So he bought a race car instead!

I had lots of close calls and no serious accidents, thanks to good luck, good reflexes, not riding much and paying close attention to my surroundings.

Still in the last few months our cars have been hit three times by distracted drivers. Nothing serious but annoying. No personal injury of major proportions. On a bike you can avoid accidents easier, but if you are hit you have a major problem. That is why you dress for the crash, not the temperature.

My problem is not death. I do not fear dying. when you are dead, all your problems are solved. I assume there is no afterlife. My problem is being maimed and in pain for years or being in a wheelchair and dependent on others for care. Or not having any feeling below my neck. These deter me. I am not really afraid of the discomfort, I am just not anxious to experience it up close and personally. So I will just enjoy my two high performance Mustangs and let others risk carnage on motorcycles.

I guess representing a woman who sailed 300 feet through the air, after crushing the chest and killing her boyfriend, who was racing a motorcycle on city streets at 100+ MPH was also discouraging. She just broke a leg as the treetop she hit during her flight flipped her so she did not land head first!

Emergency room doctors call motorcycles donormobiles. As in organ donors.

The same thought process stopped me from skydiving, private small plane piloting, white water rafting, and has me thinking hard about scuba diving and body surfing.

Cowardly or just reasonable?

LUVSEX6919654 50F  
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8/12/2005 1:30 pm

That is reasonable. Better safe than ......

rm_jayR63 59F
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8/12/2005 1:49 pm

This is what happens when the part of the brain that assesses risk finally matures, usually around age 25 - 30 though sometimes never.

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