When you should kick your sex partner to the curb...  

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12/6/2005 2:20 pm

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When you should kick your sex partner to the curb...

Some people have a hard time telling when its time to kick him/her to the curb; some warning signs:

1. You are tired of bailing your partner out of jail, again!

2. They tell you that they have taken up a rare Eastern religion that allows sex only during solar eclipses!

3. They are not sure whether the STD they have is HIV, Hepatitis A, B or C or just the crabs.

4. He/she explains that falling down drunk shows great intelligence!

5. Your partner tries to convince you that a pyramid scheme is a good retirement program!

6. Those unauthorized charges on your credit cards are not really that large, yet!

7. You would not mind if his/her family moved in for a few weeks or so, would you?

8. The sex reassignment surgery will not be that expensive, and you are only asked to consign for half the cost...

9. Waiting for the Publisher's Clearing House representative to come by with the check is not a good reason to stay home all day watching TV rather than get a job.

10. Crashing the car because he/she was gawking at a cute pedestrian.

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