Things women should not do over age thirty  

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10/25/2005 4:45 pm

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Things women should not do over age thirty

Women over thirty years old should probably not...

Wear some fashions, unless you really love to work out and have an amazingly tight bod.

Imitating a Valley Girl speech style probably not attractive for anyone, but after 30?

Appearing in a mosh pit or MTV video, unless you have a recording contract.

Having an amateur porn video on the internet...

Working for minimum wage...if you can avoid it.

Listing your lovers, if you need several reams of paper to do so.

Having sex with someone under age 18, or more than twice your own age!

Mixing too many prescription drugs with recreational ones and having strange side effects.

Wearing glitter on your face or fishnet stockings other than as a Halloween joke.

Your additions?

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