The Right Words at the Right time  

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8/22/2005 8:35 am

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The Right Words at the Right time

I am reading this 2002 bestseller compiled by Marlo Thomas to support the St Jude medical hospital founded by her dad the late Danny Thomas. (I got it on sale for $4!) Some very inspirational stories about turning points for various celebs. I greatly enjoyed the story of Rudy Guliani after 9/11, and the advice Danny Thomas gave Marlo as a fledging actress to "Run her own race", accompanied by a set of blinders used by race horses so they don't get distracted on the race course.

The nice thing about short stories as they fit the episodic nature of having a short time to read or a short attention span! I always prefer short pithy writings as they have a better chance of getting read and understood!

In my law practice I almost always write one page letters and short briefs of less than ten pages. I find less is more effective.

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