The Meaning of Life  

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10/10/2005 1:36 am

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The Meaning of Life

One evening we had a discussion about the Meaning of Life with our two long time friends from the UK. They are non-religious middle aged baby boomers in the health care field. One said that our initial reason for life to care on the chain was fulfilled by having children, but now they wanted grandchildren to spoil and make sure the chain kept going. Another said that life was just for the existence and actually had no greater purpose.

I was feeling like being a jester so I spoke up for exstacy and rapture! Orgasms was the purpose of life. I challenged them to name something better and they failed. Actually they admitted to preferring food to sex! My wife and two friends are food fiends and I am the sole sex fiend. I said I liked food, but preferred sex. Seems like we spend about five hours a day on food: with buying it, preparing it, planning to eat, eating, cleaning up the plates and kitchen or traveling to the restaurant. I say is forty minutes a day on sex too much to ask?

More seriously, later I proposed that people stay alive out of curiosity about life, to see what comes next and to play a part. I enjoy serving a useful purpose for my clients and trying to be part of the solution to problems.

So my take on the meaning of life is LOVE. In all its forms. Love of life, love of children, work, pleasure, food, sex, travel, music, art, walking, conversation, solving problems, understanding history, experiencing cultures to gain perspective on your own. Loving life.

We may be just given life, but it gets meaning from what we make of it.

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