The Little Prince by Expeury  

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1/31/2006 9:04 am

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The Little Prince by Expeury

One of my favorite little books is the Little Prince by Saint Expeury. Children delight in this fable, but it is really a philosophical contemplation about life and love. I read somewhere that this book has sold more copies than anything but the Bible and Koran.

One of the ideas the bookt contains, that I like, is the concept that love tames you. We are each wild beasts at some level and love tames us to be less wild. Which is why young men without wives or obligations are traditionally used for soldiers.

I bring this idea up because so many seek NSA. In reality there is no NSA, as the strings exist even if ignored. My goal is light and non-possessive strings that are positive and enabling, not restrictive and inhibiting...

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