Sucking breasts  

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7/14/2005 8:48 am

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Sucking breasts

There is something so lovely about breasts! Perhaps it goes back to being a baby and the warmth of getting fed and held while sucking away. I admit I could spend hours sucking and nibbling away on luscious boobs. Sadly my mate is ticklish and after about ten seconds she calls a halt to the festivities. Another reason I need a compliant lover who lets me suck away to my heart's content.

As I wrote earlier, small breasts are lovely as well and may be more sensitive as the same number of nerve endings are in a smaller area. Unless reconstruction is needed or the lady is so flat she feels like a boy, I prefer natural unaugmented boobs.

Male nipples are sensitive too! One lovely lady returned the favor by sucking and nibbling my nipples and I enjoyed her efforts immensely. Isn't the human body great!

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