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Some of my preferences

I will share some random preferences in no particular order of importance:

I like neat, tidy, clean and fresh.

I like the smell of lime and lemon, in shave cream for example.

I am into healthy: exercise, fresh fruit and vegetables, moderate food intake, not smoking and no illegal drugs or prescription drugs, moderate alcohol use.

I am into culture: TV, movies, plays, music, art galleries, museums, books, fashion, art, photos, history, ballet, opera, modern dance, etc.

I love to travel for pleasure. Went to Spain, Germany, Portland this year and going to France at the end of Septemeber. Spend $10 to $15K per year for vacations.

I love great food and wine and will spend for it! I can enjoy a $10 bottle of wine, but have spent $350 for one bottle to learn about what makes it so good and expensive! Into French red Bordeaux, Spanish reds, French Chablis and Sancerre and French Sauternes. Avoid California wines as overpriced for what they are. Avoid Beaujolais and most Australian wines.

I love oriental rugs, Chinese and Japanese porcelian, pastels and watercolors, stained glass, fabrics, designer fashion, collecting antiques, illuminated manuscripts, etc.

I love the Huntington Library and gardens, and the Norton Simon art museum.

I love argument and debate, including political and philosophical questions.

I love to learn new facts, ideas and science.

I love to watch sports, particularly NBA basketball, tennis, Olympics, football, and others. Not as into hockey, soccer, car racing or golf. But if the competition is good, will watch them too!

I love fast cars that handle well. I like modded Mustangs as they provide great performance for the money.

I am not a tightwad, but will spend but not like to waste money. I am happy to spend money for fun or something which I enjoy.

I like to invest in the stock market as I enjoy the challenge and game of it.

I like to play chess, poker, backgammon; used to play bridge, and other board games.

I enjoy literature and popular fiction. I used to read lots of sci fi and mysteries. Some favorite authors: Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Primo Levi, John Donne, Melville and Hawthorne, Beryl Markham, Philip K. Dick, Harlan Ellison, Phil Jose Farmer, Arthur Conan Doyle, Jules Verne, Steinbeck, Jon Swift.

I prefer to be optimistic about myself, the future and others.

I abhor racism and abuse of civil rights and human beings. I find the unfairness of life upsetting.

I enjoy strong, beautiful women who are smart and sexual.

I avoid doctors and hospitals if I can, but see the dentist twice a year to clean my teeth!

I like to vacuum, wash clothes and wash dishes!

I cannot cook well, but I can warm up food and clean up afterwards!

I love sex twice a day or more, but have never found a woman who can keep up with me!

I am the sexiest person I know, which says something about my limited circle of friends.

I am not into giving or receiving pain, but will do some mild stuff to please my partner, like hair pulling or spanking.

I think people have the wrong priorities about lots of stuff. Worrying about cock size or boob size, for example. The brain is the biggest sex organ!

The most beautiful thing about a woman is her welcoming smile and warm enthusiasm for my sexuality and personality. The rest is minor stuff that we can work around.

I prefer fit to fat, smart to dumb, sweet to angry and loving to bitter.

I would rather walk through a garden than walk along the beach.

I would rather find my own way than take a guided tour.

Sometimes it is fun to get dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant. Sometimes it is fun to get pizza and drink beer.

I have never had a threesome, but want to try it.

I am a liberal Democrat so I do not enjoy the Government devoting itself to welfare for the rich and powerful.

I oppose the war in Iraq and want the soldiers home within months. Let the Arabs police the area if they want.

I favor consumer protection, evironmental protection, laws against discrimination for sex, race, ethnic origin, sexual preference, etc.

I support gay marriage!

I support the right to abortion on demand and sexual freedom for minors over age 15 with those under 18. I favor making Plan B available over the counter. I support teaching sex in the schools with info about contraception and real sexuality.

I support a woman's right to choose me!

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