Some gender differences  

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7/13/2005 10:48 am

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Some gender differences

I was reading a funny blog about some of the differences between men and women. Some of my general observations (exceptions exist):

Women are more detail oriented, and sweat the small stuff more often than guys do. Many guys feel it is good enough if they get the big picture issue solved. Why usually the CEO is a man, and the key executive assistant is a women, (apart from the pervasive sexism!)

More guys are cheap than women, but more guys do not want to appear cheap in public!

Women often nag more than guys, except guys more often nag about sex.

Many guys rank sex as their number one priority. Relatively few women put sex number one. Bless those hot foxy ladies who do as they are always popular!

Women will walk around with no money in their purse, except emergency money for a cab or phone. Most adult successful guys carry $100 or more.

Guys are pushy and assertive; women are bitchy and agressive! Guys are demanding or perfectionists; women are difficult to work with! (same behavior labeled adversely when shown by a woman).

Many women love to shop for clothes; many men shop at one store to get a specific item of clothing, try it on or not, and buy it, then exit the store.

Some women are good cooks, relatively few men are. Some men just warm items and arrange prepackaged items on a plate, which is not cooking!

More men then women interrupt the speaker to make some comment. More often women look at the man's expression when he is talking to gauge his emotions. More often men look straight forward or not at the speaker when she is talking. Women are better at reading emotions then men, generally.

Women's intuition is real and generally comes from their superior skills at reading intents and emotions, from paying attention and studying them.

When men get together they often do so around an activity like fishing, softball, bowling, etc. Women will get together for lunch and shopping or just to talk!

The battle of the sexes will never be won, so long as the contestants keep fraternizing with the enemy!

Add some of your observations, please!

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