Signs you are a terrible lover-maker  

redmustang91 57M  
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2/18/2006 10:44 am

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Signs you are a terrible lover-maker

Many people lack the basic info that they are a terrible love maker. Without the proper diagnosis, they cannot study and learn how to change and correct this deficiency. As a public service I will describe some of the signs.

For women:

It is often harder for women to tell because men are just so happy to get laid they may not notice you are bad at doing it! They certainly won't tell you for fear you will not put out again! Usually even bad sex beats no sex, but sometimes it is a pretty close call!

Lack of movement and energy is the biggest problem. If you just lie there like a dead body, then you are a pathetic love maker. Watch what people do when they are dancing. Do that while horizontal!

If you are always saying No! while love making you are terrible. Yes! is the right attitude.

If you refuse to give or receive oral sex, then you are pretty terrible. Oral sex is not even considered kinky anymore, so learn and do it!

If you are ashamed of your body and refuse to have sex with the lights on, then you are a bad lover. Men are visual and get turned on at the view.

Anal sex is considered the in thing by many. If you are too inhibited to try this technique then you may be a poor lover.

Light bondage and role playing are the new kinks that are becoming trendy. Try it or start feeling like the plain vanilla lover in a hottie world.

Great kissing is always hot. If you are too shy to french kiss and swap saliva, then you are a terrible lover.

For men:

Obviously no erection is no good. You can make up for it with dildos, vibrators, oral sex, hands, etc. But no erection is going to be a big problem. Get your head straight and try cialis, levitra or viagra.

Coming too soon is a big problem. Sex therapists say less than two minutes after insertion is "premature"! Most lasting less than seven minutes are still considered "normal". The longer the better for giving the most pleasure to the females. If it takes TOO long she will tell you!

Refusing to give a female oral sex is terrible. Don't worry about the taste, smells or anything else. Just go for the big O! Ladies be clean, but don't get paranoid.

If she does not have an orgasm or several, and usually can, then you are terrible! Learn how to stroke the clit and find the g spot!

Failing to read about sex technique and not trying to improve is bad! How can one get better at the craft of sex without learning, and practice?

Another sign of a poor lover is being too fat, unfit, smoking and drinking too much! Sex is a physical activity; being unhealthy means you will run out of energy and ability to perform. Bad! Get fit! You will be healthier and sexier!

Another sign you are bad is that she does not want to do it again! If it is great sex, she will be hot to trot over and screw again soon!

Now a sign you are a great lover is her having six or more orgasms in a love session, and she tells you that you are the best lover she has ever had!

Even great lovers need to realize there is always room for improvement and to continue to try to perfect your craft and technique! Call it sexual continuing education!

MissAnnThrope 56F
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2/18/2006 2:11 pm

For both genders: Trying to pressure your lover into things you know he or she doesn't like.

If you're a guy and you want to perform anal sex on a woman, then take it like a man when she gets out the strap-on. It is the only form of sexual activity that both genders can experience and know what it feels like for the receiver.

Don't pressure your straight lover into doing a member of their own sex. Just because you saw something in a movie and you think it looks hot, you have no right to expect it of your partner.

Just because you want to watch your lover do mulitple partners, it doesn't mean your lover wants anyone but you. Respect each other. You're supposed to care for each other, not be a personal porn star.

If your partner has to wipe his or her mouth after kissing you, you are a sloppy kisser, which is no fun. It is possible to swallow the excess saliva while kissing. Your drool should not be dripping down the chin of your lover as you kiss. Learn to do it right.

Respect each other.

For men: If she's counting the cracks in the ceiling, or talking about her day, you're not hitting the right spots. Learn to use your dick.

Yes, you have that power thing going, you have to be in charge. But not all women are submissive little cows. Some of us are dominiant and some of us are even Dominatrixes. So, if you suggest bondage, be sure to be ready for her to get out the shackles, whips, blindfolds, wax, ball gags and tie you up. Take it like a man.

On the subject of bondage, if you are going to tie someone up, make it interesting. Use your imagination, instead of just ramming your dick in her mouth and cunt. Have some technique. Bondage isn't supposed to be your kinky fantasy. There is much more to it.

Some women are far more uninhibited with the lights out. You might want a 1000 watt spotlight over the bed, but that's only going to cause her to be far more shy. All woman have body issues, from anorexics to women who weigh 400 pounds. Deal with it.

For women: If he won't kiss you after a blow job, which so many of the men who are sexually Amish do, pin him down and cram your tongue down his throat. If you have to deal with the taste of semen, he should too.

The penis is not a gear shift. If you handle it as such, he's not going to be happy.

Vagina dentata is something Freud invented. So, if he's pushing on the back of your head during a blow job, trying to use your ears as holders, trying to fuck your throat, let him know who is in control of the situation. You know what I mean. It won't cause him to believe your vagina has teeth.

If you have a fishy smell, you have vaginitis. Get it treated. Get him to get treated if this is a committed lover, as it can live under the tip of his penis. A healthy vagina should be acidic. If you don't taste like a light vinegrette or slightly sweet from fruits in your diet, you have a medical problem. Don't douche, except under the advice of a physician, as this raises your risks for vaginitis and yeast infections, as it kills helpful bacteria and can mask an infection during your gyn exam.

If I think of any others, I will post them!

redmustang91 57M  
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2/18/2006 4:17 pm

Miss Ann is always into the mental and respect issues. those East coast guys lack respect is my guess? I assume those for a given. Sex is consensual. Anything forced is . The threesome or swinger thing is advanced stuff for those walking on the wild side. I am concentrating on sexual satisfaction, one person at a time is great!

Vevixen 50F
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2/19/2006 3:03 pm

Redmustang...You said: "Another sign of a poor lover is being too fat, unfit, smoking and drinking too much! Sex is a physical activity; being unhealthy means you will run out of energy and ability to perform. Bad! Get fit! You will be healthier and sexier!"

I just ditch a boyfriend of 4 years that was an aerobics instructor, cyclist, and a 50 years old in the body of a 25years old stud....guess regret! Some of the most creative lovers I have had the " pleasuuuuuure" to meet were overweight. Men who are overweight are less concerned about showing off their big muscles or perform their little dance's all about the woman, surprising her, meeting her needs. I could not care less whether the dick(s) in my bed had tentacles or wheighed 300 lbs...
Thks for the insights though

redmustang91 57M  
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2/22/2006 11:34 am

Vevixen has a good point about the proper attitude and motion being more important than being a hard body, but the same guy who is more physically fit with a good attitude will outperform a less fit guy. So get in shape for the best sexercise!

redmustang91 57M  
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2/22/2006 11:36 am

Miss Ann tell us about your bondage adventures, using that great imagination of yours...

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