Sexiest organ is the brain!  

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6/28/2005 9:05 am

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Sexiest organ is the brain!

Some people get it and some do not!

I watched Cathouse 2 on HBO about the Bunny Ranch in Nevada, a legal place for prostitution. They showed a pretty blonde dancer who decided to try being a prostitute. She was not as popular as many other women who looked much less attractive, but exuded a fun sexy attitude! The guys picked less attractive women who made them feel sexier! The hot blonde soon quit after being disappointed at her low earnings.

The successful prostitutes were great at extracting money, turning a $200 sale into a $2,000 orgy. They turn bait and switch tactics into a fine art! Another reason I don't want to pay for it! With my sex drive I would spend thousands in no time at all!

My point is the human sex drive is a fascinating interpersonal interaction. Someone may look great, but if they do not have personality or make you feel great, they are not hot! Great appearance, great hygiene are nice. But a sexy attitude is the most important thing!

What is sexy? Acceptance, warmth, energy, interest in experimentation, humor, patience, enjoyment in giving and receiving pleasure! Romance, suspense, realizing that drawing it out makes the end result more fun. Getting there is more than half the fun. Accepting that your body and your partners are beautiful, even if not perfect or meet some standard for size. Not too big or too small, but likable just the way they are!

Woody Allen's line: "Sex is dirty, if you do it right!"

Laughing at our our foolishness, but accepting that we are lovable fools.

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