Respect is the key  

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8/23/2006 10:57 am

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Respect is the key

I see lots of bad behavior in life and think the root cause may be the individuals forgot the basic tenet of life: Respect. For yourself and others. For strangers, for the poor, the rich, for enemies and competitors. For those who deserve it and those who do not. You may not be able to love everyone, but you can give them respect as a basic expression of your own humanity and decency.

Wikipedia says this about respect:

"Respect is an attitude of acknowledging the feelings and interests of another party in a relationship, and of treating as consequential for the self the helping or harming of the other. Though most commonly referring to interpersonal relationships, it can be used between animals, groups and institutions including countries. Respect does not necessarily imply deference, but a respectful attitude rules out unconsidered selfish behaviour. The concept of respect predates, and does not rely on, the existence of the concept of rights.

Respect is sometimes loosely used as a synonym for politeness or manners, though these are behaviours, whereas respect is an attitude. Intercultural differences in behaviours, self-perception and outward appearance may result in the unintentional appearance of disrespect."

Manners and courtesy are part of respect, but only the outer trappings of a respectful person. Some people have a facade of respect, but not the reality of respect! If you are true to your real core values, then you can and should respect others.

bipolybabe 54F

8/23/2006 11:03 pm

Oh, you and your Wikipedia should just fuck off!

Do you know how hard it is out here in the dating world while we try to figure out who's on the level? Who's got time for manners? Except he'd damn well better call me back! It's a matter of simple courtesy.

By the way, I didn't dish on all the past shit of he did this, I did that. Only what happened right now, today. He stole the damn modem! I had to go somewhere else to log on!

Do you know how distressing that is to a blogging-obsessed BiPolyBabe?

He does. Fucker!

Fuck you while you're at it. You're a guy. You must be implicated somehow. Yes, I'm on a rampage, but I'll get over it and get on with the next try soon. (And, yes, I've been drinking. Have you never gotten drunk to move on?)



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redmustang91 57M  
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8/24/2006 4:55 pm

BPB, I am shocked you can pissed off about my championing the notion of people having respect for each other. My quarreling niece and nephew inspired this blog about respect. And some other blogs I have read at AdultFriendFinder. Actually I am in the dating world as well so I understand how hard it is to find a good and fulfilling sex partner/lover/friend. Been an eyeopener for me. I am sure BPB has many other bad things to say about her ex, as I am sure he has some things to say. Just not sure anyone is helped by airing the dirty laundry. As for modem stealing, I say buy a new one and change the locks. Ask him to move out or move out yourself. As for fucking me, that seemed like a good idea at one point but not possible for a variety of reasons. Meanwhile I am sorry I am a guy, if that displeases your sex goddessness, but it costs too much to sex change to being a woman and it might be even harder to get laid if I was a woman my size and shape! So in closing BPB I still think you are terrific and you will feel a lot better soon after you have been properly laid and had multiple orgasms and some loving affection. Drinking is not that great for moving on, as alcohol is a depressant. I prefer upbeat activities, like movies, sex, exercise, sex, socializing, travel, sex, dancing, eating gourmet food, and did I mention sex? BPB, thanks for sharing! XOXO

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