Reformed packrat  

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9/19/2005 8:44 am

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Reformed packrat

I used to be more of a packrat than I am now. How did I reform? Let me tell you some stories.

When I was in college the couple who rented me my first apartment in Berkeley were truly odd. Ramona was an alcoholic and looked like a 75 year old crack whore. Leon, her spouse, was amiable, a ceramic artist and a raging alcoholic. He was frequently gone to dry out, including shock therapy and on drugs for depression. She left to visit her sister in London, leaving poor Leon behind. He tried to kill himself with a noose, fell, hit his head, and died. In the morning the temp manager found his dead body sprawled against the door and brought me in to see. Police and coroner carted poor Leon away. His loving wife of many years decided not to cut short her vacation and waited some three weeks to dispose of Leon. I think he was cremated; I was not invited to any service for him.

I helped the temp manager cart away the debris of years of dirt from the rooms so he could live there; the plan was Leon was to be deported to the back studio! All the crap and dirt convinced me the objects we surround ourselves with are often more impediments than spurs to happiness.

Over the years similiar experiences after the demise of various relatives have lessened my acquisitive and retentive urges. I am still a sucker for a bargain, but restrain myself. If I buy a new picture for $6 at a yard sale, I recycle one my wife hates from the house!

Thoreau said: You don't own your possessions, they own you! Simplify, simplify!

brightblonde3 58F

9/19/2005 12:57 pm

By nature I'm not a fact I've earned a dollar or two in my time helping packrats get themselves organized. For most, it's a harmless afflication. For others, it can become a true "illness."

There's something very freeing about going through your "stuff" now and then and pruning it down to the essentials.


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