Possessive love  

redmustang91 57M  
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12/8/2005 8:38 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Possessive love

I have read a number of profiles where the woman opposes dating married men on the ground she does not want to share! Well how many on AdultFriendFinder are prepared to have an exclusive relationship with one person right away? Seems to me a lot to ask and a lot to commit to immediately.

If you find the one person who is totally satisfying that can happen, but normally it does NOT. Maybe it is too much to ask of one person to satisfy all your needs and all her needs. By unrealistic expectations we may doom ourselves to fail.

I have not had that many intimate sex partners in my life, but how many of the people you meet do you want to be committed to exclusively long term? Not that many I assume or you would not be on AdultFriendFinder!

redmustang91 57M  
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12/8/2005 9:22 am

I think women are haunted by the thought of becoming an old crazy cat lady, feeding hundreds of strays. That example is relatively rare. someone with the willingness to take a risk and go on AdultFriendFinder is not likely to be a candidate for cat lady crazy!

MissAnnThrope 56F
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12/8/2005 10:05 am

red, this is actually a bunch of sites in one. One will tell you uploading a picture will increase your chances of getting laid. Another site that leads to this one tells you that uploading a pic will increase your chances of finding your soul mate. The simple fact is, there are women and men on here who are looking for more. Not just a fuck, but a mental connection. Or a boyfriend or girlfriend. Or even a spouse, I can introduce you to a few of those.

The simple fact is, most of the single women here are looking for someone they can call at 3 AM if they have a flat tire in a bad neighborhood. Who they can rely on. Most of the married women I've met on here are looking for an out from their husbands, they're too afraid to be on their own, they need a replacement before they leave what they have.

Then there's the fact women are so vastly outnumbered here to begin with. Then there is the safety factor of monogamous relationships. Sexual health, etc. No one wants to die for sex. Women tend to worry about their sexual health more than men do. Women are more apt to visit a doctor than men too. Condoms aren't 100%, especially Trojans, which suck ass, as far as protection goes. Not to mention, they won't guard against various things like herpes. So women tend to worry and they don't want sex partners who are looking to fuck a 100 mile radius.

As for the crazy cat lady... Well, I know a few on this site who are already candidates and they're under 40. Trust me on this. A good number of the men and women here are nutjobs who are beyond candidates for the crazy cat person status. We have stalkers, obsessive types, men and women who don't want to die alone, men and woman who want to fuck once and then be left alone, etc. Joining this site isn't taking a risk. For many, it's a last resort.

I hear the thoughts, problems and fears of many of the people I know on here. And most of the women are looking for husbands, plain and simple. I don't mean other women's husbands, so forget the pithy remark. I mean husbands of their own.

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