Poor Stepford Wives!  

redmustang91 57M  
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7/10/2005 3:42 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Poor Stepford Wives!

Watched the remade Stepford Wives with a great cast including Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick, Glenn Close, Cristopher Walken, Bettel Midler, etc. Pathetic! No chemistry and no suspense. The original with katherine Ross and Paula Prentiss was much creepier and more fun!

Interesting how times have changed. The original captured the backlash to women's lib and men's anger over the rebellion. Now that attitude seems so seventies it is not even comprehensible. The remake has the audience feeling sorry for the underachieving males eclipsed by their women mates! So pathetic. Times change.

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