Paying for Katrina  

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9/16/2005 9:15 am

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Paying for Katrina

Bush at least admitted the Federal response was too slow, as everyone already noticed. So how are we going to pay for $300 Billion plus reconstruction?

The surplus under Clinton was given back in tax cuts and the spending upped for Iraq war. So we need a tax increase to avoid further deficits over $300 Billion area.

Some suggestions:

Keep the inheiritance tax, but lower the tax rates.

End the FICA salary cap, apply on full salary.

Increase all Federal tax rates by 2%.

Limit home interest tax deduction to $40,000/year.

5% sales tax on all internet purchases not locally taxed.

Typically, Bush rules out tax increases to pay for the cost! Have to find some more magic money trees! What a dumb bunny.

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