Oversexed married male  

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8/18/2006 3:15 pm

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Oversexed married male

Living out a cliche is hard. Being over forty years old and having a lusty sex drive makes a married hetero male a laughing stock. Hard to have dignity while trying to get laid. You put yourself in ridiculous situations and waste time, money and energy, while realizing the goal is unlikely to be achieved. If you are lucky enough to get lucky the sex is likely to be unsatisfying as it takes a while to learn how best to please and relax with your partner. Many expect instant fireworks and that happens to the lucky few porn stars.

I should just give up and resign myself to the way things are. The secret is to have low expectations. Compared to the unlucky humans suffering in so many places, like the Middle East or Africa, or New Orleans, lucky stiffs in the US can hardly complain. Yet we do.

The problem is that even moderate success sows the seeds of disharmony. A woman who is sexy, open about sexual activity with a lusty sex apetite just makes the contrast with my mate more obvious. There is no requirement that everyone has to be into sex or like to spend lots of time having sex. Just that I am and and wish my partner was...

Sort of like she is into knitting and I am into race cars...

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