Mysterious females  

redmustang91 57M  
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3/21/2006 9:29 am
Mysterious females

Like most men I am puzzled my women. Why is it so hard to convince them to have great sex? They seem to enjoy it when you finally can coax them into bed, but getting there is so much work! Why?

One theory I have is that women are so preoccupied with so many extraneous issues they forget they enjoy sex. Pulled by jobs, kids, housekeeping, worrying about taxes, birthdays, relatives, organizing and supervising others. They forget they like to fuck!

Some men are better about having their priorities straight! If you ask many they will tell you having sex with an attractive female is job 1! With some women it does not always break into the top ten!

I also have another theory. Nature makes women forget things. Just like they forget the pain of childbirth so they get tricked into repeating the experience, they forget the joys of sex and so you have to convince them all over again!

Perhaps women being forgetful is natures way to make sure men and women do something other than fuck all day! Perhaps I should have been gay...

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