Married men also deserve sex!  

redmustang91 57M  
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5/20/2005 4:00 pm

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9/17/2010 10:45 am

Married men also deserve sex!

I find it amusing that many women seem to think group sex with bondage and wild fetishes ok, but married men being unfaithful is not. Why? Are single people being monagamous? Are most married people? Apparently not if surveys are accurate. Apparently all animals studied are unfaithful. To avoid flack I seem to do best with married women! They at least are not too judgmental.

Some reasons why married men make best lovers:

1. They like women, as proved by choice of mate.

2. They have some practice at sex and learned something about the female anatomy.

3. They know how to compromise and get along with the opposite gender, to some degree!

4. They are not too possessive, and cannot be.

5. They try harder, as they have to.

6. They understand that stuff happens.

7. They know how to accept delayed or denied gratification, thanks to practice!

8. They know they are damn lucky when they get lucky.

Ecaffine 52F

5/20/2005 5:15 pm

i don`t care about the cheating part(thats his wifes probelm )and i know they are good lovers.The problem is they just don`t have enough time to keep me satisfied.A once a month booty call just doesn`t do it...but thats just me.

rm_BigDnLady 43M/41F
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5/20/2005 5:26 pm

Haaa, you have some good points!! I think that many women, just aren't into being the other woman, and feel guilty about screwing another woman's husband!! I think it is different when the marriage is open, instead of the husband looking for gratification outside of the marriage! It just depends on the woman!! I don't judge, I go with the flow!! I hope you find what you are looking for and need!!


redmustang91 57M  
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5/23/2005 12:06 pm

Cannot speak for others but I can meet once or twice a week and that is good enough given everyone's busy schedule. Open discussion is not always a positive when the message is not appreciated.

NightOfPassion2 58M

5/25/2005 7:04 pm

Being married, I understand....and have chatted with married women and they do to. And me being on AdultFriendFinder (no she doesnt know) learn(its better than reading a book) and meet others has helped.....a lot.

redmustang91 57M  
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5/26/2005 11:34 am

I think the need is not just sex, as masturbation can fulfill that need. It is more the sense of fun, joy and intimacy from sharing sexuality. Sadly that seems to go over time and I am too young to accept that the Thrill is gone as a permanent condition!

rm_hubby2hubby 52M

7/10/2005 11:14 am

I agree. I am a married man and doing it with a married woman who is neglected or just wants more is the best. Would be nice to find more that are willing to be open about it.

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