Losing or maintaining weight.  

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7/7/2006 12:29 pm

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Losing or maintaining weight.

The millions of fad diets that come and go just make me sad. The low fat craze led to high sugar intake. The current concern about high fructose corn syrup may be knocked down as it turns out the body converts fructose into other sugars. The body also turns alcohol into sugar so alcoholics can get beer bellies even without eating solid food.

My conclusion is the only thing that works is to eat less quantity of food especially high calorie food, and exercise more. Portion control. As in splitting entrees as restaurants and taking half home to eat later if dining alone. Avoiding buffets, and never drinking regular soda. Walking, weightlifting and other exercise daily.

Obvious, comical and pathetic, but that is the simple answer. I also skip lunch regularly to make up for the restaurant dinners and red wine!

Sex is great exercise, if done properly. So reach for your mate instead of your plate! Now where is my exercise partner?

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