Letters of recommendation?  

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7/14/2006 11:23 am

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Letters of recommendation?

Dating has been compared to job interviews. So the thought occurred to me should I try to get a letter of recommendation from a current or past lover to try to impress prospective new lovers.

Would a new lady believe my former lover waxing eloquent about my superior quality lovemaking skills. Or would she just be suspicious if I was so hot, how come the prior lover let me go? Situations change and some former lovers leave the area or get married and want to be faithful for a while...

What info would you want in a lovemaking recommendation? How long the dick remains erect? Size and thickness of dick? Specific skills at various positions? Willingness to give females oral sex? Ability to stroke clit while intercoursing? Ability to find and stimulate G spot? Willingness to spend money for food or hotels? General hygiene and dexterity? Number of orgasms achieved in what time period? Ability to hold a non-sexual conversation? Willingness to listen to emotional trauma and still be able to focus and have satisfying sex? Ability to maintain a LTR and keep the sex hot?

I assume all the above are important, but perhaps women should find out some things themselves by first hand knowledge. The trick is getting those picky females to try me on for size that first time.

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