Lemon Juice prevents AIDS possibly!  

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Lemon Juice prevents AIDS possibly!

Lemons & AIDS

We have studied the effects of 20% lemon juice on HIV in culture, and it appears to kill the virus very quickly. Similarly, a final concentration of 20% lemon juice in a fresh human ejaculate irreversibly immobilises 100% of spermatozoa in less than 30 seconds.

Thus it might only be necessary to use about 3ml of lemon juice in the vagina to inactivate HIV and sperm. One lemon may contain up to 50ml of juice. Neat lemon juice applied to the vagina, or to the penis and foreskin is not in any way painful to the user if no lesions are present. Some people might be surprised to learn that citric acid, which gives lemon juice its acidity, is also a normal component of a man's ejaculate, so it's not a foreign substance to the body.

The dual spermicidal and virucidal effect of lemon juice cannot be patented, and hence controlled by pharmaceutical companies.
Since this is using a natural product to protect women, it should be very acceptable.

Lemon juice might also be very useful for post-coital washing of the penis, and particularly the foreskin, to protect men from HIV infection. If lemons are in short supply, lime juice would be a suitable alternative.
Conventional Western-style safety and efficacy testing of lemon juice, using HIV discordant couples where the man is HIV positive, and condoms advocated for all acts of sexual intercourse, would require large numbers of volunteers that could only be found in developing countries, and several years to demonstrate any effects of lemon juice on these rare occasions when condoms were not used.

Think we should join the Brits in becoming Limeys or Lemoneys!

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