Interracial couples  

redmustang91 57M  
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6/20/2005 1:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Interracial couples

While in Las Vegas this weekend saw three black and white couples: all well dressed black men with blonde women. Like Sammie Davis, Jr. having a blonde woman is a status symbol. What happened to the Black woman with a blonde male? I have never seen that couple. Perhaps Mariah Carey or Diana Ross should start this trend or have done so as I do not read People magazine.

Funny how status is important in relationships. usually the couple is of similar attractiveness in appearance. When there is a large disparity, usually the guy's money/power/wealth made the difference. What I call the Aristotle Onassis factor (recall he married Jackie Kennedy and it wasn't for his looks!

So Black women start grabbing some White male boy toys! You deserve too.

redmustang91 57M  
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6/20/2005 4:50 pm

Actually I am not trying to achieve an interracial date, just noticed this difference. Of course if someone really hot and sexy was interested in me I would be open to it. I don't think Salma Hayek, JLo or Mariah Carey are dying for my company. Not that I think I rate them.... oh well

nd2hvfun 58F  
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6/27/2005 1:52 am

red now i see why you got booted out of bootcamp101 you need to get some help and not for cheating on your wife but for everything else i know black men that like redheads and i know black men that like black woman most men (no matter what color) don;t care for blondes so whats your point?

je ne regrette rien

dextrose4000 48F

6/27/2005 8:51 pm

I agree with you! Black girls get over it and experiment. White guys too!!!!!

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