I don't get Libertarianism  

redmustang91 57M  
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12/20/2005 4:06 pm

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I don't get Libertarianism

Take the court system. You need a public system the society pays for to resolve civil disputes, and of course criminal cases. Contracts can have private arbitration clauses, but torts are non contractual. Vigilante justice went out of style on the frontier. So why not have taxes to pay for a social good used by the entire society? Private schools can be good, but shouldn't we support and educate those who cannot see paying for a private school?

Social Security is socialism but would you make homeless and starve those who do not save enough for their retirement? At least people are forced to put some money away for their future. Why is that so bad?

How can you privatize a sewer system? Jails? Emergency rooms which already don't get paid for by many? Fire departments? The armed forces? The EPA? National Parks? SEC? Veteran hospitals and benefits? Freeways? Weather Service? FEMA? Flood insurance? FDA?

So maybe you replace the Post Office with UPS and FEDEX. Let Walmart respond to disaster in place of FEMA. Federal Government still print currency and mint coins? Federal Reserve set short term interest rates?

nnevjim 61M

12/20/2005 4:59 pm

Libertarianism is a mindset more than a checklist of what should be privatized. Lib's believe in as little government as possible (they believe in the personal liberties espoused by our founders), not the absence of government.
Of course we need courts, jails, sewer systems, water works, and schools. Depending on the size of the community, cooperatives work best for some, privately owned entities for others, and purely tax-supported ones for many.
The question is how close should these entities be tied to the community, and how much should the state and federal governments intrude into these things? Anyone can see that our federalized schools are a disaster; bring control and responsibility for them closer to the community. Medical care works best if the fee charged (in most instances) is tied to the intent and ability to pay (not filtered through bureaucracies and insurance companies). Anyone can also see that personal liberties are eroding rapidly in the US, mostly due to socialist thinking like yours. You need to ponder on this a bit more. And it would be better if we had NO Federal Reserve and sound money.

redmustang91 57M  
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12/21/2005 12:07 am

I still don't get the attitude. I think Libertarians resent paying taxes and supporting others. I totally disagree. Providing for the weak and failures is part of the obligation in a civilized society. We had "sound money" backed by gold during the depression. With fiat money not tied to gold we have had much more prosperity. So if we got unsound money now, I say keep the money unsound. Anyone who wants to buy gold and hoard it can do so. What federalized schools? The inane states like Kansas seem to want to intrude Intelligent design into biology classes, not the feds! If I recall my history about robber barons, before the FDA was established patent medecine killed lots of people and quacks sold remedies for cancer which were pure snake oil. Unfettered capitalism with smaller government leads to asbestos cancer, lead paint poisoning kids, DDT killing birds, oil spills from single hulled tankers, corvair cars that flip, car companies fighting air bags and seat belts, SUV rollovers, etc. As soon as people become saints we can have no government. As soon as business men and women put the greater good of mankind ahead of making the most profit we can get rid of all government regulation. As soon as everyone donates a fair share to pay for roads, sewers, public education, police, fire, national defense, FDA, SEC, etc. we can do away with taxes.

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