Greatest human discoveries are basic stuff!  

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7/1/2005 11:48 am

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Greatest human discoveries are basic stuff!

Saw a Discovey channel special on the 100 greatest human discoveries. Number 1 was Darwin's teory of natural selection and evolution. Number 2 was einstein's general theory of relativity and Nuumber 3 was Einstein's insight E=mc squared or special theory of relativity. These are major insights and led to great stuff, but in my view civilization owes more to basic stuff:

The understanding of fire, the wheel, using tools, art decoration, music, woodworking, metal working, baking bread, making wine and beer, making boats, language, written language, growing cereal grains, hunting with spears and bows and arrows, transporting water for drinking and irrigation, making glass, making houses, indoor plumbing, electricity, paved roads, domesticating animals, etc.

The modern world would be impossible without the printing press, radio, TV, telephones, computers, internet, street lighting, traffic signals, cars, buses, subways, trucks, trains, cargo ships, airplanes, home appliances like refrigerators, washer/dryer, records and tapes, TV, cd, dvd, digital cameras, etc.

Also basic things like organized police force, fire control, military, air traffic control, water treatment, trash collection, storm sewers, flush toliets, freeways, large scale manufacturing and retail distribution, consumer credit, stock exchanges, Medicare, health insurance, social security, retirement accounts, pensions.

All of my listed discoveries were more important to everyday life than Discovery channels top three discoveries in my view.

Some other concepts that I marvel at: private property, God, due process, independent judiciary, representative government, Free press, Bill of Rights, Civil Rights laws, anti-pollution laws, Freedom of Religion, patents and copyrights, international trade, Federal reserve, US Treasury and bond market, UN and international law.

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