Graduation day  

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6/24/2005 9:05 am

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Graduation day

Attended a middle school graduation yesterday for a niece. Some observations:

13 year olds are getting bigger! Some very tall kids, over six feet, including some girls! Some 13 year old girls are surprisingly developed and attractive. You can see why they got married at age 13 in Biblical times. I am not suggesting they are an age appropriate match for me! Chill.

Rudeness remains alive and well in many respects, from laughing at accents of speakers to ignoring rules and requests. For example people were asked not to cheer during the roll call for diplomas, which some ignored. The kids who received no noise or applause felt like loosers compared to the popular kids who got lots of noise! Sad.

Glad I do not have to go to school anymore and put up with cliques, popularity contests, hazing, poor teachers, homework, tests, having no money, job or a decent place to enjoy sex!

No I don't envy the young, they have not got it so good, except in having a healthy and energetic body. Oscar Wilde said youth is wasted on children!

redmustang91 57M  
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6/24/2005 3:15 pm

HBgirl you are so sweet and I could not agree with you more. What kind of world are we creating where rudeness seems to get worse with every generation! I know I am ruder than my folks and they were ruder than their parents. Scary isn't it?

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