Giving advice is not a great idea  

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3/9/2006 1:46 pm

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Giving advice is not a great idea

Lawyers are paid to give advice. And I regularly do, and sometimes get paid very well for doing so. But I want to suggest that often advice giving is not a good thing.

I had a aunt who loved to give people advice. She usually gave poor advice based on nothing but outdated views or her own view of morality. She would tell people what they should do, despite having little or no info about the current situation. Her advice was annoying and could have led to bad results, if followed. Generally her advice was ignored, but sometimes she caused minor amounts of harm.

Giving advice is a great ego inflator. The advice giver acts like he is superior in knowledge, experience and training; the receiver of the oracle's pronouncements is supposed to be a grateful supplicant. The advice giver is crowing and vain.

On top of the bad impact on the advice giver, the advice taker is enabling ego stroking and depriving himself of the chance to be self reliant. Telling someone the answer deprives him of the chance to enjoy figuring it out for himself. Let him enjoy the struggle and the victory will be that much sweeter.

You can give emotional support or limited finacial support, but people should stand on their own feet and achieve their own success.

Neither an advice giver or taker be!

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