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"Garbo's Garbos" is a new exhibit of photos by classic photographers from Hollywood's golden age of Greta Garbo from 1922 to 1951. She got a copy of all the publicity shots sent out to her adoring public. She is largely forgotten now but was the biggest star from 1925 to 1939. I especially liked the pics with her hair slicked back and her hands near her face. George Hurrell is my favorite photographer of this studio pic genre.

Santa Barbara was cooler than LA but still about 85 degrees F. Warm. Rented a red 2005 Mustang convertible while the Mercedes is in the body shop and it was cool to drive around with the top down! So Southern Cal.! The V6 is slow compared to my Cobra, but the ride was forgiving and suspension quite good. Try it, you might like it! The Mustang GT even more so!

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