Games People Play!  

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8/9/2005 12:14 pm

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Games People Play!

I am a true Capitalist, meaning I believe in rewards and incentives to shape behavior. I realize there are lots of fixed things which are limitations in people, like having a load bearing pole in the kitchen when you want to remodel. You have to work around the pole or go to great effort and expense to put in a beam. Which also means I put more faith in what people do rather than what they say!

My preamble to my conclusion women and men like to play games about relationships.

Yes I have read lots of profiles decrying games playing. I just do not believe them. Let me suggest that women in particular often invite, reward and demand a game or else they won't play!

An example: in high school and college some women would deliberately get drunk to shed some inhibitions and allow themselves to have sex. And then if the result seemed too unwholesome in the morning, they could blame their bad actions on alcohol. Forgetting who drank the alcohol, and took off their clothes. Sometimes date is mutual consent that retroactively became unwilling sex. (not always, but sometimes).

This game I call: "I want sex but cannot admit it so the male must have coerced, seduced, or taken advantage of me!" Some women play this game for a very long time.

Another game I call: "I only have sex if you love me!" So the parties have to define "love" to mean after lots of talking, or sharing some emotional moments together, or belonging to the same fan club of old Broadway show tunes, etc. Then if the parties split they were not really in love or the love died, etc. "Love" is a noun, rather than a verb in this game.

Most men can tell stories of how they failed to close an opportunity to have sex with a lady by allowing the woman to make a decision rather than make the decision for her! In theory the woman would freely choose to have sex because she liked the guy, was attracted to him and enjoyed sex. No, some women want the guy to dominate them and force the sex on the semi-willing female! Not , but forceful seduction. Why? Despite feminism, some women apparently still do not feel comfortable in simply acknowledging their normal and healthy lust for sexual activity. So the woman needs a cover story to justify what she wants to do. Gets complicated for the guy trying to decide if "no" means maybe, coax me or just no!

Often "no" means try again later when I like you better, or I am in a better mood, or you are dressed nicer and smell better, or some other unspecified improvement.

Is it any wonder guys are a little confused?

All you direct, simple sexy ladies that do not play these games should simply ignore this blog, and contact me immediately for some fun and games of an adult sort!

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