Dimished Value  

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12/21/2005 1:40 pm

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Dimished Value

Insurance companies try to just fix the body damage and not pay for the diminished value of the car. Once a car has been in an accident the resale value goies down by many thosands of dollars! you may have to sue to get some compensation, but it is worth it!

Also your time, anxiety and pain and suffering is worth something even if you do not see a doctor or psychologist.

And the rental value of your car while in the shop is more than the measly $20 a day they try to pay!

Thes can add up to many thousands of dollars you are entitled to receive. So don't get mad, just try to get even. The insurance companies are notoriously miserly, but with perserverance you can get some relief. The longer and harder you battle the more you get... You decide how much pain you want to experience and inflict!

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