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7/18/2005 12:40 pm

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Confirmed atheist

I find religious people always try to convert me to their viewpoint. I never try to convert them to atheism. Because I believe in free will, freedom to think for yourself and each person should pick his own path and philosophy.

I have read some of the Bible, both old and new testament. I am not convinced. Like Bertrand Russell, if I get to heaven and God asks me why I did not believe, I will answer you did not give me enough evidence to sway my logic and reason.

I have run into very few people who seem to be practicing Christians in thought, word and deed.
I find lots of hypocrites. If I was God I would prefer a decent atheist to a mean Christian-hypocrite. I think religion has social utility to comfort people in emotional turmoil. The old line is there is no atheists in foxholes. If someone is shooting at you, praying may help if it calms you down so you can act.

I find the rituals boring. There should be new holidays and rituals all the time like new TV shows and movies. I would also prefer to make up my own religion like the Scientologists or Mormons did. A religion that has people give me all their money and labor, and all the hot women take care of my sexual needs.

The Catholics do not make good sense. The Pope and priests get no legal wives or sex. No wonder they keep molesting the wrong people. Being celibate is unnatural and unworkable for those with normal sex drives.

I once had a priest say to me unless you believe in God and the afterlife why behave morally. He saw God and eternal vengeance as the only thing keeping people from criminal behavior. It does not seem to work too well as a deterrent! This fear does not motivate me. I avoid criminality. Prison is a deterrent, but more basically it is too much work and danger.

Besides reciprocity is a better principle. We trade or sell each other services in return for money or other benefits. Freely and in good faith. Interpersonal commerce and exchange. Capitalism does not require faith or promote discrimination. It is fair and equal. Not a religion, but an approach to the world. So God may stay in his heaven as the world keeps rolling without his obvious intervention.

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