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4/1/2006 11:26 am

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An old joke goes women marry a man hoping he will change, men marry a woman hoping she won't! Both usually are disappointed!

The serious point underlying this joke is that often women are sexier and more fun when young, and before marriage. Age, children and stress does unattractive things to women who smoke, do not exercise and overeat. Some women feel they do not have to have fun sex or oral sex after marriage. Some women lose the joy of intimacy. These women kill their marriages even if they do not lead to divorce. What is the value of an embalmed marriage?

Some young men are irresponsible with money, disrespectful, abuse drugs including alcohol, drive recklessly and are violent. Perhaps they are overfilled with testosterone or just a little wild. Being foolish is never attractive but less so when older and should know better. Sadly, foolish young men often become foolish old men!

Then there are the exceptions like me, who age like fine wine and retain their zest for life and sexiness!

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