Blaming adulters  

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7/11/2006 12:04 pm

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Blaming adulters

Funny how attitudes change. Traditionally women were blamed for having sex with a married man. The basic assumption was that men are slaves to their lust and will fuck any willing female, so the one who is supposed to stop the fucking was the female! Each woman was a cop, involuntarily enlisted in the sex police to protect her fellow females property. But not all the fems cooperated! Some fraternized with the enemy.

Now more people seem to blame the man and accept that the woman cheating is driven to it by neglect or a bad lovemaker husband. The new double standard comes out of the mouths of women and men who should know better.

The truth, in my view, is that fidelity is unrealistic and undesirable! People crave variety and live much longer than they used to. Many do not go off to war or get crushed by heavy manual labor. The extra sexy crave some novel release and should not be condemned for doing what comes naturally. The other animals do it, why should not humans? I still have not heard an intelligent argument in favor of fidelity.

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