Avoid cliched thinking  

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7/15/2005 9:26 am

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Avoid cliched thinking

It is so easy to get sucked into lazy thinking. To spit out the dumb cliched thoughts you have heard. Monkey hear, monkey say. Independent thought takes work and we are all busy and lazy.

Lets examine one stupid thing people often mouth. One of my favorite untrue cliches is "War never solved anything." Not true at all. Sadly, most major questions people usually solve by war.

Take the US Civil War, which the South quaintly calls the War between the States. Lincoln was an abolitionist, but was willing to simply limit the spread of slavery and willing to buy slaves freedom. The South decided to secede from the Union and go to war. Lincoln did not go to war to free the slaves! His motive was to preserve the Union. He was very clear about his goal. After all the bloodshed and the contribution of Northern Blacks to winning, slavery was not acceptable. So the Civil War solved the issues of secession and slavery in the US.

World War II also solved the question whether German Nazism and Japanese expansionism would control the Earth's resources.

The Cold War solved the issue of whether Marxism or Capitalism was a better economic system.

Wars solve many human disputes. Saying wars don't shows sloppy thinking, but does not make it so.

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