Approaching the problem differently  

redmustang91 57M  
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7/9/2006 6:32 am
Approaching the problem differently

I am always struck by the waste of human potential.

A healthy body and sound sex drive is a terrible thing to waste.

I keep running into people who are unhappily celibate. Choosing chastity makes "sense" if you are a monk or priest (although many seem to ignore this vow). But the involuntary celibate is a waste of human carnality.

A work related dinner at a posh restaurant hit me with this aspect of the universe.

A lovely and nice widow whose generous and successful husband died nine years ago is my example. She is extemely cultured, traveled, kind and has a lovely home and possessions. Estimated net worth between $50 and 100 Million. 70 years old. She does not look like 25, but has nice big tits and charm.

She has no companion and her grown son said: "What man wants a 70 year old woman?"

So she busys herself with her grand kids and volunteer efforts.

I think she should approach the task differently. I would act like Catherine the Great. Have lovers that were from 45 to 60. Wine, dine, travel and bed them! The golden years were made to party.

So get the party started, as 70 is the new 50!

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