Another lawyer story  

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2/23/2006 2:06 pm

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Another lawyer story

A lawyer acquaintance of mine was explaining that he was a very poor sinner, as he was not able to have a "happy ending" at a Thai massage parlor, due to shame at this immoral practice.

Instead he reveled in telling the story of his refusing to complete the act. Always practical, I said he would have been better off completing, and just saying he did not, as then he would have had the pleasure and the story!

As we were kidding, I told him that he was far too modest. He was being "underinclusive"! As far as been poor at various things, sinning was the least of his accomplishments. There were many other things he was poor at, not the least of which was saving money. I do have to praise his ability to spend money, however, as he had world class skills in that department!

The moral is be careful of your banter as you never know what evils you may disclose...

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