Another gender difference  

redmustang91 57M  
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9/19/2005 8:26 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Another gender difference

My mate again reminded me another way men and women are different!

She loves to buy new clothes, some of them she never wears and then recycles them months to years later. She also returns new purchases frequently, about half the time deciding she does not like the way the item looks or it does not go with her other clothes.

I buy new clothes much less frequently, never return a purchase and wear everything I have ever bought. Some clothes may look better than others but they are all acceptable. Not sure whether I am less picky, have better judgment on initial purchase or just cannot be bothered to return a decent piece of clothing.

Another difference is she will buy something she likes for full price on the assumption it is so nice it will be gone if she waits for a sale. I almost never buy a new full price item as I find lots of good deals on sale that are acceptable.

I recently found four great shirts on massive sale at Eddie Bauer, reduced from $60 to $10! All cotton long sleeve shirts, wrinkle resistant and in nice colors and stripes! A polo shirt was reduced from $35 to $5. I had to buy them; the shopping Gods would have been angry if I did not!

MissAnnThrope 56F
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9/19/2005 10:22 am

I spent a few years working in retail, or as I liked to call it, discovering what slavery was really about.

Department stores especially like to play a little game called, let's use fun house mirrors in the women's dressing rooms. They make you look a bit taller and a bit thinner, so clothes will look better than they really do. Not to mention, what looks good under the fluorescent, dim lights of the fitting room won't look good in incandescent light or even natural sunlight.

Next, there are the women who worry about people being behind the mirrors, or, that security has cameras in the fitting rooms. This is legal in some states, in others, such as NJ, it's illegal. But there are the women who don't want someone watching them change. So, they take things home and try them on there. If they like it, they keep it. If they don't, it comes back.

Now, the things she bought full price. Most stores do have a policy, if it goes on sale within a certain amount of time, you can come back with the receipt for an adjustment. Where I worked, if someone had something past the adjustment period, but brought it back with the tags still on it and the receipt, they could return it and then repurchase it for the sale price. You wouldn't believe how many women did that.

Now, I do understand some things never being worn. Last month, I wore a blouse for the first time that my father bought me before he died. He died in 1998. Very nice silk blouse, but too dressy for most situations. There were many times I considered putting it on eBay or sending it to the consignment shop, or just putting it in a Goodwill bag. However, he gave it to me with the price tags still on it, as removing them was something that never occurred to him, in general. There was just something about putting a $200 blouse in a Goodwill bag that went against my grain. I am glad I kept it, as it looked fabulous when I did finally get to wear it.

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